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Relax Shoes

Relaxed, comfortable walking...

Relax Shoes are made to satisfy modern woman's everyday needs. They are fashionable, comfortable and they match easily with all ages or lifestyles.

Relax Shoes are made in Greece by qualified technicians specialized in leather footwear industry. For many years, the company manufactures innovative anatomic shoes and their designs are made to meet the needs of modern, working women who require style and comfort!

The materials used are of superior quality. The company uses machines of the latest technology in order to design the most comfortable- anatomic soles, lasts and uppers. The soles are very flexible with air holes, which are shock-absorbent and minimize fatigue from everyday life.

Relax Shoes are made in a really unique way! The upper is sewn on the sole and then turned inside out. So, the shoe in combination with the right shoe last is adapted perfectly to the foot. This ensures comfort while walking and standing.

The main difference is the inside sole that consists of latex layers, which absorbs the foot's impact when walking in uneven grounds. In addition the leather in the upper, in the lining and in the inside sole allows the foot to «breathe» and maintain its hygiene.

Relax Shoes offer a large range of designs, for all ages and types, including flat and medium-heeled shoes, sandals and boots. Not to mention the variety of soles for more comfortable, soft and anatomic shoes.

Relax Shoes are the latest trend in shoes' industry. Relax Shoes are the new proposal for every woman...

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