We would like to inform you about how we collect, use and share personal data with and about your person through this website and its affiliated websites for mobile, applications and widgets.


The Company is responsible for the processing of personal data ( information identified by a specific person, such as full name or email address) that we collect for and for your person through the Company's Services that are processed according to them. terms of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy, as well as our Cookies Policy, applies to all users, including those who use the Company's Services without being registered or subscribing to any Company Service and those who have registered or are subscribers to a Company Service.

As defined in our Terms of Use, the Company's Services are addressed to the general public, are not intended for children and do not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 16.



The Company collects (1) registration data, when you register or when you register with a Company Service, (2) public data and publications that you disclose through the Company's Services, (3) data that you have allowed on social media to notify the Company, (4) activity data when you gain access and interact with a service of the Company. Specifically, the Company collects the following types of data from and for you:


       1. Registration information,  the information you submit to register with a Company Service, for example to create an account, post comments, receive a newsletter or take part in a contest. Registration information may include, for example, name, surname, email address, gender, country, zip code and date of birth.

        2. Public data and publications that consist of comments or content that you publish in the Company's Services and your personal data that accompany these posts or content, which may include the nickname, username, comments, likes, status , profile information and photography. Public information and posts are always public, which means they are available to everyone and can be displayed in search results on external search engines.

        3. Data from social media. If you access or connect to a Company Service through a social media service or connect a Company Service to a social media service, the data we collect may also include your user ID and / or username associated with this social media service,the information or content that you have allowed the social media service to share with us, as well as your profile picture, email address or friends list, as well as the personal data you have published in relation to that particular media service of social network.When you gain access to the Company's services through social media services or when you connect a Company Service with social media services, you authorize the Company to collect, store and use the relevant personal data and content in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
         4. Activity data. When you access and interact with the Company's Services, we may collect specific information about these visits. For example, to allow you to connect with the Company's Services, our servers receive and record information about your computer, device, and browser, including possibly your IP address, browser type, and other information. software or hardware. If you access the Company's services from a mobile or other device, we may collect a unique device identifier assigned to that device, geographic distribution data or other transaction information for that device. We may also collect cookies and other tracking technologies (such as browser cookies, pixels, beacons, and Adobe Flash technology commonly referred to as "Flash cookies"). These technologies can be used to collect and store information about your use of the Company's Services, such as the pages you've visited, the video and the rest of the content you've seen, the search queries you've submitted, and the ads you've seen. For more information, see our Cookies Policy.
         5. Information from other sources. We may supplement the information we collect with information from other sources, such as information available to the public about your online and offline activities from social media services and commercially available sources.


We do not collect:


Connected services
Finally, the Company's Services may also be linked to websites, including social networking sites managed by non-cooperating companies, and may provide advertisements or provide content, functionality, games, newsletters, maintained and developed competitions or applications from unrelated companies.The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of unrelated companies and as soon as you leave its Services
Company or click on an ad should check the other Privacy Policy.


3) Functionality cookies
These cookies "memorize" your preferences when browsing our site, so we can suggest the right products based on your needs. With these cookies you enjoy a personalized version of relax-anatomic.gr, as a result of which it is much easier to find what you are looking for.




We may use anonymous data or information that no longer identifies you personally, even indirectly (eg statistics) for any purpose or to disclose it to third parties.



The processing of your personal data for the purposes:
Of Section 3, points (a) to (f) of this Privacy Policy are necessary to provide the requested services and are therefore mandatory because otherwise the services could not be provided.
Section 3, point (g) of this Privacy Policy is required under applicable law and is therefore also mandatory.
Section 3, point (h) of this Privacy Policy shall be carried out in the best interests of the Company and its counter-parties. This interest is sufficiently balanced with your own interest, as data processing takes place within the strictly necessary limits of such economic activities. This data processing activity is not mandatory and you may object at any time as described in Section 11 of this Privacy Policy.
Instead, edit your personal data for other purposes:
In Section 3, point (i) is at your discretion, but without your consent it is impossible to connect a social media service account with the Company's Service, which means you will need to log in to the Company's Service using a different mechanism.
Of Unit 3, points (j) and (k) are at your discretion, but without your consent it is impossible for the Company and / or third parties to provide you with general commercial announcements of the Company and services / products or third party announcements with based on your interests and needs and provide you with services under the same name.
You may revoke your consent at any time with regard to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of Section 3, points (i) to (k), by sending a notice to the e-mail address described in Section 11 below.



Your personal data is processed by both electronic and automatic means and is protected by appropriate security measures, taking into account the latest technology, implementation costs and nature, scope, framework and purpose of processing as well as different possibilities and the seriousness of the risk in terms of the rights and freedoms of persons.Specifically, the Company uses appropriate administrative, technical measures, personnel measures, and physical measures aimed at protecting the personal data held in its possession from loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure or modification.



The Company may disclose your personal data for the purposes of Section 3 above to the following categories of recipients located within the European Union or outside the European Union in accordance with and within the limits of the provisions of Section 7 below:




The Data may be transferred to countries inside and outside the European Economic Area and in particular to the United States. The European Commission recognizes that some non-EEA countries provide an adequate level of data protection in line with EEA standards. The full list of these countries is available at http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/international-transfers/adequacy/index_en.htm. For transport by the EEA to countries not considered safe by the European Commission, we have established appropriate and appropriate safeguards aimed at protecting your personal data and the transfer of your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws, such as standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission in accordance with Articles 45 and 46 of the Regulation. (EU) 2016/679 on data protection (the “Personal Data Protection Regulation”).


You have the right to request a copy of the above measures and further information regarding your personal data by contacting the Company at the address mentioned in Section 11 of this Privacy Policy.


You have the right, at any time, to:



You can send your request to the address listed in Section 11 below. In your request, include your email address, name, address and phone number and clearly specify the information you want to access, change, update, remove or delete.


We remind you that. Even after your account has been canceled, or if you ask us to delete your personal data, copies of certain information from your account may remain visible in some cases where, for example, you have shared information on social media or other services. or, for example, when maintaining such copies is necessary for purposes of compliance with legal obligations or for purposes of legal defense.Due to the nature of temporary storage technology, your account may not be directly accessible to others. We may also retain security copies of your account to our servers for some time after your cancellation or request for deletion, for compliance with applicable law.


We also give you many options on how to use and disclose your personal data for marketing purposes. You can revoke your consent regarding:



In all of the above cases, we may contact you and request more information, which is necessary for the proper execution of your request. Also, the additional rights described in Section 9 below apply from 25 May 2018.



As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has entered into force and the following provisions apply:


     1. Retention periods that apply to your personal data

 We will retain your data only for the period necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which the data were collected  as described in this Privacy Policy. In any case, the following retention periods will apply to the processing of your personal data for the following purposes:


At the end of the retention period, your personal data will be canceled, anonymous or collected.


     2 .Additional rights

In addition to the rights referred to in Section 8 of this Privacy Policy and following the application of the Personal Data    Protection Regulation, you will also have the right, at any time, to:



The Company may modify or update this Privacy Policy for any reason (including, for example, changes to applicable law and interpretations, decisions, opinions and instructions on that applicable law.)


Refer to the Power Date at the top of this Privacy Policy to see when it was last reviewed. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be notified in advance by the publication of the revised Privacy Policy to the Company's Services. In case we make substantial changes to this Privacy Policy that alter the nature of the processing or extend our rights to the use of the personal data we have already collected from you, we will notify you and provide you with an option regarding the future use of such personal data, as may be required by applicable law.